Learn how to attract customers using our action method and business strategy.

We Help Agency Owners & Entrepreneurs Who Sell Online Scale
Highly Profitable Businesses
We'll teach you everything you need to know about hiring a commission-only sales team and scaling your agency to 7-Figures on autopilot!

Who Is Colin Osborne?

Colin Osborne, is a Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Ozlon, an independent veteran owned digital marketing and business development firm.

Colin has a demonstrated history of expertise in implementing result-driven, digital marketing strategies and providing sound consultation to business at all stages of growth. He has generated thousands of dollars in revenue for clients in various markets, ranging from landscaping and property management to professional and legal services.

As he holds great experience, he turned his focus to help others to build their businesses and guide them through each step of scaling that business to an automated online company.

Besides from sales and digital marketing expert, he is veteran in guiding, teaching and mentoring people and had already serves 98+ clients to build their business.

You can be the next successful story

Here You will learn:

  • Quickest and easiest way to build automate your business
  • Creating virtual teams and train them to generate leads for you
  • ​​Step by step guide from building to scaling your business from scratch.
  • When, How, Where, What every question related to generating sales and marketing will be resolved

We don't generate clients, we build families

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Some of Our Successful Students
Our students and clients aren't just satisfied, they're getting leads, closing clients
and growing their businesses!
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Join my free Facebook Strategy group to connect with like-minded individuals, get access to exclusive resources and trainings, and get access to LIVE interviews from top industry leaders so you can learn directly from the best in the businesses!
Join My Free Facebook Community!
Join my free Facebook Strategy group to connect with like-minded individuals, get access to exclusive resources and trainings, and get access to LIVE interviews from top industry leaders so you can learn directly from the best in the businesses!
Products & Resources

Linkedin Optimization Boot Camp

Free Training Courses - Its FREE

Learn how to gain, attract, and influence customers using linkedin

In this free course, I go over how to create a highly converting profile, create a branded company profile for YOUR business, and how to connect with future customers to your business in five easy steps.

This bootcamp is going to be a 7 day video series

What is linkedin for?

How to create an attractive profile?

How to send a connection request?

How to follow up with a new prospect?

Using automation to generate new prospects on autoplay?

Getting the client off linkedin and into your network?

If they sign up for my emailing list and submit a testimonial, i'll give them a free pdf on our lead generated Linkedin Sales workflow

Our daily schedule for linkedin prospecting

How we track, and optimize sales goals.

Email Marketing Mastery Course

Price - $47

2 Step Sales System - Warm Call and Sales Call ( Zoom)

How to create the perfect email marketing template with our COPY AND PASTE method.

Bonus Sales Training -

Facebook Prospecting Intro PDF

Facebook Prospecting & Ads Course - $497

Linkedin Sales Mastery Course

Price - $297

I will show you how to effectively prospect on linkedin and generate 5-10 appointments per week.

Linkedin outreach sop

Linkedin outreach script and framework

Our process for closing deals using a crm.

Entrepreneur To CEO Academy  

Price - $47

These are my top performing linkedin sales openers

Scheduling appointments

Products & Resources
7-Figure Agency 2.0
Price - P.O.A
Are you an Agency Owner, Service Provider, or Entrepreneur who sells online and want your pipeline filled with 300+ appointments with your idea client every single month? Are your SERIOUS about growing your business and want to work with Michael 1-on-1?

7-Figure Agency 2.0 is a course and coaching program specifically designed to take agency owners and online service providers from manual prospecting and wondering if this is ever going to work out, to having a very specific system in place which is going to allow you to generate 20 to 30 booked appointments every single day!

You're going to get a step by step process to building out your prospecting, sales and fulfilment system, and building your sales team so that you can close clients while stepping away from your sales process.

Ready Leads Software
Price - $1,997 $997 (Limited Time Offer!)
Need Marketing Agency Clients? Let Us Take Care of the Hard Part For You! Get Pay-As-You-Go, 'Ready-To-Buy', Inbound Leads Sent Straight To Your Phone Every Day!
You'll get your own ReadyLeads Dashboard & CRM so that you can keep organised with all your leads, conversations and manage all of your automated follow up sequences with ease!

Every time we generate you a new lead interested in your marketing services, your dashboard will automatically add the new lead into your CRM, and send the new lead an SMS, email, and even automatically call you to connect you right away!

W.S.S. Method Sales Training 
Price - $497
Want to know how to close high-ticket deals with ease by simply following a tried, tested and proven, sales script and formula?
Tired of not knowing what to say on a sales call to properly frame the call and your offer so that it sells? Want to have your potential clients selling themselves to you, rather than the other way around?
Get our Sales Masterclass training and transform your sales game so that you can close high-ticket deals on the phone like a pro!

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